Unbridled Unicorn Creative Consulting

Unbridled Unicorn

From Inception to Query:

An all-in, everything-you-need-to-know, one-on-one mentorship program

With this program, you will get one-on-one support as you write, revise and polish your manuscript, access to insider knowledge on the process of querying your book to literary agents, or guidance on how to prepare your book for the self-publishing world.

I have 7+ years experience in the publishing industry. I have worked with top literary agencies, had books submitted to major publishers, co-written a Wattpad book with over 500k reads, and was the ghostwriter for the wildly successful URBAN COWGIRL COOKBOOK. I am an author mentor through Author Mentor Match, and for the last two-years I’ve also worked with NYT Bestselling author Lindsay Cummings editing books as a duo.

I have written and edited four novels (and counting!), so I understand what it feels like to be in the throws of the creative process and the trepidation that comes with writing your first draft, interpreting editorial notes, revising, polishing, and then finally pitching your book to the world.

When you work with me from Inception to Query, you will have someone in your corner who believes you CAN and WILL write your book, your way, and will help you find your groove. I want to see you succeed with your dream to write, publish and make bank with your creative work.

My clients sign with agents and get book deals. They regain the love of the writing process. They write their book with ease and joy.


You can too. Nothing is stopping you, but YOU!

How it Works:

Discovery call – Let’s make sure we like each other and want to work together. These are free of charge and last 30 minutes!

Month One –

  • We break the story with my tailor made creative materials
  • Outline discussion, character sketching, idea bouncing
  • First 50 pages written
  • One call + Voxer support

Months Two & Three –

You write your book. This can be done on your own or with weekly Voxer support and a monthly call with me!

Month Four – 

Manuscript due date!

  • I will provide a full manuscript edit with in-doc notes and an editorial letter (turnaround one-month)

Months Five & Six –

  • Notes!
  • Call to discuss revision direction
  • Weekly Voxer support as you revise

Query Package:

  • An expertly cultivated agent list
  • Pitch feedback and fine-tuning
  • Voxer support and a monthly call

Self-Publishing Package:

  • Expertly cultivated resources for self-publishing
  • Copy-editing provided by my in-house copy-editor


Inception-to-Query without Draft Coaching  –

  • $500 for first month
  • $.02 per word for Full-MS Edit
  • $3,000 for Query Package
  • $3,300 for Self Publishing Package

Inception-to-Query with Draft Coaching  –

$1000/month + editorial cost included

Email me at rffaubion {at} gmail dot com for more information or send me a Voxer @rffaubion1