Unbridled Creative Consulting

Become an Unbridled Writer.

When I was a little girl, I wanted to be a horse. Not one in a pen, saddled up, feeding on grain and hay in a stall, but a wild horse. An untamable thing. 

I want to be the same kind of writer. To shake off the reigns and break story without fear. To explore the rugged, wild expanse of my own imagination.

Yes – I believe in branding, and I am in a passionate love affair with commercial storytelling, but I’m also a firm believer in breaking rules, releasing expectations, and tapping in to the kinetic pulse of your storytelling heartbeat. 

Writers who work with me learn to tell commercial, salable stories, but they also learn to release judgement of their work, write bareback, and dream bigger. 

A little about me:

I have 8 years experience in the publishing industry, and will SOON be able to tell you about all the book deals I have in the works. (Shh.😉)

I have worked with top literary agencies, had books submitted to major publishers, co-written a Wattpad book with 800k reads, and was the ghostwriter for the wildly successful URBAN COWGIRL COOKBOOK. I have been an author mentor through Author Mentor Match, and for two-years I worked with NYT Bestselling author Lindsay Cummings editing books as a duo. 

I have written and edited MANY manuscripts. I understand what it feels like to immerse in the creative process, be gripped by the trepidation of drafting, interpreting editorial notes, revising, polishing, and then finally pitching your book to the world.

But I believe in my writers, and that belief is a powerful force. The writers who work with me are able to use my energy to leap over their own barriers, unlock their own creativity, and get the best story possible down on the page. 

What my clients say:

Working with Rebekah was an absolute game changer! She helped me identify the weaknesses in my writing and my manuscript and provided me with the feedback and tools I needed to level up as a writer. She’s so knowledgeable both about craft and about the industry, and she put her whole heart into helping me turn my draft into a completed novel that I’m so proud of. Rebekah was also an incredible sounding board. She helped talk me through everything from revision ideas to major career decisions and was there for me every step of the way.

Rebekah’s feedback and guidance took me from rough draft to agented author in three months! I will be forever grateful for the opportunity I’ve had to work with her.

Summer Darcy, Wattpad Author

Rebekah was great with brainstorming ideas and was always a great motivational force. I was astounded
by her knowledge, from manuscript to query letter. Working with her got me real results: on my writing
and on the reaction to my writing. I would not hesitate to recommend her editing services to anyone;
she knows what she’s talking about! I am so grateful to have gotten to learn from her and to continue to
learn from her.

Katherine Pisana, Writer of YA Contemporary

Rebekah is more than an editor. She’s the best story doctor, mentor, and life coach a writer could ever ask for! I came to her with a wild, overly ambitious manuscript. 
She tirelessly waded through the mud and muck, draft after draft, patiently helping me whittle down and refine my novel into something I’m truly proud of. I’m incredibly lucky and honored to have worked with her. My writing wouldn’t be a fraction of what it is today were it not for her expertise and guidance. 
Rebekah gave me the courage to charge on when I didn’t think I could, the confidence to be adventurous, and most importantly, the faith to believe in myself.
Bonus: My very first query letter (she helped craft) that I sent to my dream agent earned a full manuscript request! 
Rachel Fikes, Adult Fantasy Writer, agented

How to work with me:
  • Full Manuscript Edit: 
    • Includes in-doc notes and an in-depth edit letter
    • $ .02 a word
  • Full Publishing Package:
    • This is a wonderful option for authors who are looking to:
      • Self-Publish
      • Publish on Wattpad or another online platform
      • Want a perfectly polished manuscript before querying
      • What you get:
        • Developmental Edits from ME!
        • Copy edits with my in-house copyeditor extraordinaire, Sara Biren
        • Consultation on your Query + Synopsis OR Next Steps for your publishing journey
        • Cost: For developmental edits $.02 a word + $450-$550 for copyediting (depends on manuscript length) + $150 for consultation
  • Creative Coaching:
    • Month-by-Month coaching with a 3-month commitment. Tailor made creative material to break your story, outline discussion, character sketching, idea bouncing, 1 monthly call, weekly Voxer (a walkie-talkie style app) support, up to 25 pages read by me!
        • $500
  • Query Package:
    • Includes query & synopsis feedback, notes on your first ten pages and a list of 8 agents to start querying when ready.
      • $350
  • Career Consultation:
    • 1hr phone call where you can ask me any questions you have about the industry, get advice on querying, publishing, Wattpad or other online platforms, and generally pick my brain. Like all my services, it is 100% confidential.
      • $150

My clients are unbridled.

They regain their love of the writing process.

They write their book with ease and joy. They get what they want from the publishing industry. 

You can too.

Email me at unbridledcreativebrand {at} gmail dot com for more information or use the contact form below!