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suitcaseThis Wednesday is an unusual one. I am sitting on an airplane — or maybe stepping off depending when you read this— on my way to the Blackfeet Native American Reservation in Northern Montana. This trip came up suddenly, and since I am a firm believer in biting off more than one can comfortably chew, I jumped at the chance.

I am writing this post from the future, where I am standing beside the eastern slope of the Rocky Mountains, soaking in whatever the Earth has to offer me, and hopefully giving something back to her, to them, to myself and the one who is greater than myself.

In this version of me in the future, I’m not concerned about how many less words I will write because of this trip, possibly putting me behind my NaNo goals, possibly sending me into a panicked tailspin when I arrive back home. Back to reality.

I am certain this experience will be one of value. Assigning value to this thing allows me to prioritize it above other things. I can afford to take this moment, however brief, to let it take root in me and later — when it is ready or willing — to let it influence the work I produce in a way that will likely surprise me.

So, for What’s Up with me this Wednesday, there you go.* The rest of my post below will hit the high points of the last week. (And some of the low.)

What I’m Reading: Finished Allegiant. I can’t talk about it. Don’t make me talk about it. Just read The Coldest Girl in Coldtown by Holly Black, and I loved it. I will talk more about it later. Starting Not a Drop to Drink by Mindy McGinnis.

What I’m Writing: My NaNo project is moving along well. My birthday (subsequent food poisoning and high fever) got me a bit off schedule. Making up for it the past couple days. 7570 words and counting!

What Inspires Me: This is going to seem very conceited…but me, this blog, and all you fresh knew followers. (Hello, how are you? You sure are lovely.) See the shiny button in the sidebar? My post about NaNoWriMo and fighting November malaise was featured on the WordPress Freshly Pressed Page. I have been blogging with WordPress for over three years, and always wondered how you get Freshly Pressed. I am still not sure I know, but it happened, and I was flattered and humbled by it. At the same time.

What Else I’m Up To: I’ve touched on this above. Birthday, NaNo, Travel, and discovering my writing is maybe not totally obscure. My son is cuddly and delicious. Yesterday was library day. Spending time focused on my son keeps me sane in the insane.

I also made it into Djerassi Artist Program for a five day YA Workshop and Retreat with the incomparable Nova Ren Suma. I am over the moon to have been selected.

copyright Frank Foreman

copyright Frank Foreman

The moral of this post: Keep Writing. Keep believing in your voice. These are small, but significant victories in my struggle with self-doubt, and my quest to be the hero of my own story. You are the hero of yours.

*What’s Up Wednesday is a meme for writers and blogger to keep in touch with their online blog friends. Created by the delightful Jaime Morrow and Erin. L. Funk. If you would care to join, check out the details on Jaime’s blog.