Love List


The world is full of darkness. Here is a spot of light. This is a list of things, which will continually be updated, that brings me joy. 

My son, husband and two scruffy dogs

The Comic Con fandom

Group texts with my best friends

Long walks that aren’t strenuous

Whisky or Whiskey in a fancy glass or any glass that is in my hand 

Sand between my toes

The way the hills shape the horizon line

The Starbucks half-a-block away

Critique Partners who get my books and help make them better


Anything about the Royal Family

The freckles on my son’s nose

Books in stacks, on bookshelves, in my hands

My husband’s hair

The way my dog curls up beside me in bed

The way my son laughs, so big and with his whole body

Bread and butter

Doing the unexpected 

All things the UK

The Wedding episode of Outlander

Tony Hale in all his roles

Toffee chunks in ice cream

Jon Snow — I bend the knee.


Saturday morning banana bread home baked by my husband