Consulting Disclaimer

*Please note that working with Rebekah Faubion does not guarantee a contract with an agent, nor does it guarantee a publishing deal. Publishing is a very subjective business.*

Please read this information carefully before submitting to Rebekah Faubion. Submission indicates you have read and agree with all of the terms and conditions outlined on this page. This notice is effective as of October 10, 2017.

Rebekah Faubion is acting as freelance consultant, and does not fit the legal definition of a partnership, company, or corporation. Payment will be between client and consultant. Rebekah strives to provide the best customer service at all times, but should an issue or grievance arise, it shall be between client and the consultant.

Please format submissions with standard margins, double-spacing, and 12 point font. (Query letter can be single-spaced). Please send as Word .doc or .docx attachments. All query/manuscript reviewing and editing is done electronically. I return notes in word documents. Please make sure you are comfortable using Microsoft Word before submitting, as we are unable to provide more than the most basic technical troubleshooting.

All payments are made upon acceptance of the contract. I only accept payment via PayPal. I will invoice you, which means in addition to my fees you will pay a small fee to PayPal. As of January 1, 2015, the fee is 2.9%. More information is available on the PayPal website.


I can only offer refunds before services have commenced.

Rebekah Faubion cannot guarantee you will achieve publication or literary representation as a result of our services. My pledge is to take on the clients whose work I feel has potential to be successful in today’s market and to work closely with individual writers to elevate their creative work. Unfortunately, even the most well-written manuscripts do not always find homes at agencies or publishing houses.

All submissions received by Rebekah Faubion are automatically assumed as copyrighted to you, the author. I will never reproduce your words without your written permission. I am ethical and will not steal your ideas; if I think the subject matter of your idea is too close to something I am working on, I will pass on it. That said, publishing is full of trends and I cannot guarantee that if I work on your fantasy, contemporary, science fiction, futuristic thriller, horror, mystery, historical fiction, space opera, or any other work in a genre I also write, that I will never write a book of similar nature. If this remains a concern, perhaps working with a consultant who is not also a writer might be a better fit for you.

No personal information exchanged with Rebekah Faubion (name, email address, etc.) will ever be shared or sold. None of your writing will ever be reproduced online or shared without your written permission.


You are paying for a service and deserve an creative consultant who is passionate about your work. I have a limited amount of time to devote to clients and want to focus on the ones that speak personally to me. I reserve the right to politely decline a full manuscript critique.