About Rebekah

meRebekah Faubion is multifaceted.

As a child, she planned to run away to LA, and very nearly did it a few times. When she wasn’t plotting her escape, she was writing scripts and casting all her friends in the lead roles. She wrote her first full-length screenplay at the age of nine on a beat up blue type-writer during the dog days of the Texas summer. She filmed her first horror moved when she was ten in a farmhouse that was ACTUALLY haunted.

Since then, she’s written and produced two short films, a handful of one-act plays for kids, and even had an original feature place in the Second Round of Austin Film Festival’s screenwriting competition.

Rebekah is the ghostwriter behind the cookbook URBAN COWGIRL by Food Network celebrity chef, Sarah Penrod. It is a beautiful mix of storytelling and southern food, and is a showcase of how growing up in Texas shapes your style, your tastes, and your tenacity.

Rebekah is also the co-author of the award-winning Wattpad romantic comedy ELLIE IS COOL NOW (under the pen name, Faith McClaren), which has 800k+ reads and oodles of devoted fans. Truly funny and heartwarming, while also delivering a hefty dose of shenanigans, ELLIE is tailor made for the new golden age of romantic comedies.

Rebekah also writes YA books that focus on the dangerous, beautiful thrill that is growing up and growing into the person you are meant to become. They are big hearted and funny, weird and wild and ambitious. Just like her. She wants you to read them all one day.

At thirty-two, she realized her dream of moving to Los Angeles and hanging out by the Hollywood sign. She now lives near the hills in a Spanish bungalow with her husband, son, and two scruffy dogs, planning her next big adventure, plotting your next favorite story, and working with writers to realize their own dreams of writing the books of their hearts.

She is represented by Katie Shea Boutillier of Donald Maass Literary Agency.

Email: rffaubion [at] gmail [dot] com

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