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The daughter of a world-famous, psychic minister, Rebekah Faubion isn’t your typical “preacher’s daughter.” Swap out the neighborhood chapel for a mega-church and ditch fire and brimstone for Nostradamus-like prophecies of 9/11 and subsequent calls from the Pentagon – and now you’ve been properly introduced.

Whimsical, wildly passionate, and ferociously dedicated to her writing, Rebekah is the ghostwriter behind the bestselling cookbook URBAN COWGIRL by Food Network celebrity chef, Sarah Penrod. She’s written three novels, which have caught the attention of high-profile agents in the U.S. and across the pond, and has had an original feature place in the Second Round of Austin Film Festival’s screenwriting competition.

She’s also worked alongside #1 NYT bestselling author Lindsay Cummings to help new authors take their initial idea to final concept.

Rebekah’s latest work, the award-winning romantic comedy ELLE IS COOL NOW (under the pen name, Faith McClaren, which she co-authors with Victoria Fulton) recently won a 2018 Watty Award, and was featured as a WattPad top pick where the book skyrocketed to over 50,000 reads (and counting) and hundreds of loyal fans in just a few short months.

Currently Rebekah lives in LA and works as a freelance editor, where she helps aspiring writers get over their sh*t, get out of their own way, and tap into their creativity – all while getting paid.

Email: rffaubion [at] gmail [dot] com


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