About Rebekah

meAs a child, Rebekah planned to run away to LA, and very nearly did it a few times. When she wasn’t plotting her escape, she was writing scripts and casting all her friends in the lead roles. She wrote her first full-length screenplay at the age of nine on a beat up blue type-writer during the dog days of the Texas summer. She filmed her first horror moved when she was ten in a farmhouse that was ACTUALLY haunted.

Under her pen name, Faith McClaren, Rebekah is the co-author of the young adult psychological thriller HORROR HOTEL, published by Underlined/Delacorte Books. She also co-authored the international Wattpad phenomenon and 2018 Watty award-winning rom-com ELLIE IS COOL NOW, on shelves from Forever Books/Hachette Book Group Winter ’23.

Originally from Texas, Rebekah now lives in Los Angeles with her guitar-making husband, Pokemon-loving son, and two scruffy dogs. When she isn’t listening to BTS or watching K-dramas, Rebekah writes contemporary romance novels, works as a freelance editor and book coach, helping budding writers find the words to tell the stories hiding in their hearts, and volunteers with wolves in a sanctuary outside Los Angeles.

She is represented by Katie Shea Boutillier of Donald Maass Literary Agency.

Email: rffaubion [at] gmail [dot] com

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