Ready. Set. Write! Update 2

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Ready. Set. WRITE! is a summer writing intensive that encourages goal-setting and accountability, and provides an opportunity for us to cheer each other on wherever we’re at with our writing projects—planning, drafting, revising, or polishing.  This year, your RSW hosts are Alison MillerJaime MorrowErin FunkElodie Nowodazkij, and myself. All the details are HERE.

I missed updating last week, but I’m here this week. Even though I missed updating last week, I did not miss meeting goals. Here’s how I’m doing:

1.  How I did on last week’s goals:

Writing: I’ve been working steadily on the Beat Sheet for my screenplay revision. In the last two weeks I have executed a major overhaul on the plot and dug down deeper in the main character’s motives. I finished a new draft on Friday and I’m pretty sure it’s the One. I also began a new Beat Sheet for a new screenplay and I am really excited about it.

Reading: I read Just One Day by Gayle Foreman and LOVED it so much. I know I’m a bit late to that fan club, but man, what a wonderful book. I am heavily into reading The Things We Know By Heart by Jessi Kirby, and it’s already ripping out my heart.

Workout: I’ve kept up my workout routine, and even added in some sessions with my brother, Isaac, who is a personal trainer. I almost died on YouTube last week when my sister-in-law and I did a workout to prepare for Comic Con. If you enjoy laughing, you should check out our video!

2.  My goal(s) for this week.


1. I need to finish this Beat Sheet for the new screenplay because it’s due to my screenwriting consultant before Thursday.

2. Start the revision of the Comic Con screenplay!

Reading: Finish The Things We Know By Heart!

Workout: Do at least two sessions with my brother!

3.  A favorite line from my story OR one word/phrase that sums up what I wrote/revised.

Satisfying Character Arcs — one of the things I have struggled with a lot on this Comic Con screenplay is making the three main characters (because it is more of an ensemble) all have satisfying arcs that happen at the right time in the story.

4.  The biggest challenge I faced this week (ex. finding time to write).

Juggling. Like most of y’all, I’m sure, summer is insanely busy. I have a lot going on with my son, my husband, my dogs, and my own stuff. Keeping all the things in the air is kind of distracting.

5.  Something I love about my WiP.

I love that, after working so much on the plot, I really feel like I know these characters inside out, and even with all their many flaws, I am confident that each of them is worth following on their journey.

9 thoughts on “Ready. Set. Write! Update 2

  1. I’m so impressed with how much work you’ve put into the TLOCC script. It’s all paying off in such a great way. Can’t wait to see the changes incorporated into the actual script. Good luck with the new beat sheet. Excited to see where this one goes!

  2. I love Gayle Forman books SO MUCH. And yes to Kirbi’s new one. That book should come with a box of tissues!

    Good luck with all your goals this week, Rebekah! I hear you on the juggling. Summer is all about balance with family and writing. We can totally do it. 🙂

  3. Great to hear the goals are going well! 🙂 I’m juggling multiple POVs in my current draft and making sure their character arcs happen in the right way is an ongoing challenge. Best of luck finishing the beat sheet and with your other goals!

  4. Satisfying character arcs… That’s something I really need to work on in my WiP. Sounds like you’re doing a good job figuring that out, as well as meeting your goals. Good luck this week, Rebekah! 😀

  5. I was wondering where you were last week! Glad you’re back now. Awesome work with the beat sheets. And really awesome job on the consistent working out (PS: the video was hilarious). Getting off my lazy butt has been a struggle lately, so I’m super impressed by your commitment.

    Good luck with finishing the beat sheet and with starting in on revisions. You got this!

  6. Whoa, that’s what I need – a sibling who is a personal trainer! Or even just a sibling who will kick my butt to work out on a regular basis! 🙂 Awesome progress last week on your goals. Good luck this week!

  7. The nicest part of this post, Rebekah, (besides how upbeat you are and the fact you’ve made progress… heck, even more than those) is the way you love your characters. To know their flaws and their strengths and still see them as worth writing about… It says what so many of us feel. Thank you for saying it so beautifully.

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