A Fangirl’s Quest for a Cohost


I don’t usually share my YouTube videos on this blog, but this one is a commentary on the fandom struggle and a bit of sketch comedy combined.

Check it out! And if you like it, please subscribe to our channel!

Books, Booze & Bitches

This week Stephanie is out of town, so I venture into the world in search of a cohost. The results are hilarious, and I get to share the screen with some wonderful guest stars.

Check it out!

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2 thoughts on “A Fangirl’s Quest for a Cohost

  1. Don’t know about the music, but I did wear a red nose on red nose day. I did take it off when I went to my mom’s gravesite. I bought my red nose off the cosmetic lady at Walgreens. She said she would never wear hers.

    1. I think that’s wonderful that you wore one. I did donate to the cause after watching the Game of Thrones video, so it had the desired affect on me. Thank you for watching!

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