There’s a GIF for That


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Tuesdays are hard. They’re kind of like Mondays, but a day later and still really far away from Friday which is better because it’s basically the weekend.

To cope, here are some GIFs to get you through your week. 

1. You realize there are still seventeen minutes on the timer before you can get off the elliptical and have a tiny yogurt. 

via giphy via giphy

You cannot survive the Hunger Games without some serious stamina. Keep running, bitch. 

2. The only thing that gets you through Tuesday is a new episode of New Girl then you remember the season finale was last week.

First you’re like this:

via giphy via giphy

Don’t be sad Tobias crying in the shower. Be happy Sheldon. 

via giphy via giphy

Netflix has seasons of Parks and Rec, Gilmore Girls, Orange is the New Black, How I Met Your Mother, etc…go forth and binge. 

3. You make the mistake of reading anything from…

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