What’s up Wednesday: The Final Countdown

Writing Rambles

RobotWUWThank you Jaime and Erin for hosting What’s up Wednesday these last two years! I have met some of my favorite writing people through it. You guys are amazing!

Here’s the last, What’s up with me…

What I’m Reading

I just finished reading Landline by Rainbow Rowell, and it was everything fantastic and awesome that I expect from one of her books, but it also punched me in the gut with emotion. Georgie McCool is a character I identify with in a way that makes me almost embarrassed, and maybe when I was reading I started sobbing like an idiot while my son tried to get my attention and my husband made me a cup of tea. Good times.

What I’m Writing

I started a new story. The voice came to me in the shower and then before I knew it I was writing words. For now, I’m just following her. I don’t really know yet where, but after a few months of false starts on other projects, and feeling like I’m in limbo, it’s nice just to write and not feel bound by anything.

What Works for Me

Like I said above, not feeling bound by an arbitrary goal or a word count requirement. Not looking at the long road ahead littered with drafting and revisions. It’s like walking down stairs carrying a laundry basket. I can’t see the stairs below me, but I can feel them. I can’t get focused on the final step or I’ll lose traction where I’m at. It’s an exercise in living in the moment, writing in the moment, focusing on the day I’m in, the word count I’m at, and that’s it.

What Else is New

Last week was Spring Break for my son. We did a lot of playing, and reading, and going to parks. The weather wasn’t the best the last half of the week, so I took him to the movies and cuddled with him over popcorn.

I also got him a little Spring Break gift at Target. He insisted on having his picture made.


I’ve been focusing some (a lot) of my energy on my YouTube channel Books, Booze & Bitches with fun results! Yesterday I did a video about the San Diego Comic Con Hotel Lottery and the resulting CRASH of the website. (Check out the Crazy 4 Comic Con Post about the situation as well, if you’re interested.)

EXTRA: I discussed my experience with another crash when I submitted my application to the HBO Writing Fellowship.

We post new videos every Wednesday, with the exception of this week when we are posting more because Hotelpocalypse 2015. Today we are talking Insurgent Movie!

And finally *sniffle*….What’s up with you?

7 thoughts on “What’s up Wednesday: The Final Countdown

  1. Good luck with your new project Rebekah! It always takes me a while to get into the groove of writing something new. I’m sad this blog hop is ending, too. I really enjoyed it and seeing what everyone was up to in their week.

  2. That laundry basket is a marvelous analogy! And I’m like that too. Many times. And yay for SNIs and writing, writing, writing! I hope there’s more in the coming week!

  3. Landline was actually my least favorite of her books. I had a few problems with it, although I still love Rainbow Rowell and especially her dialogue!
    I’m definitely going to check out your Insurgent video. I saw it on the weekend and am wondering what other people thought.

  4. It always makes me laugh when other people mention getting story ideas in the shower. I’m forever joking that I should just move a desk in there and make it my office because that seems to be where inspiration and plot solutions always strike lol. Ah multitasking.

    Not being bound by arbitrary goals or word counts is definitely freeing. One of the best ways to let the creativity flow. I hope living and writing in the moment produces some awesome results for you! 🙂

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