The Terrible Titles Blog Hop


I’ve been tagged by the English Badass Liz Parker in the Terrible Titles Blog Hop. Here’s how it works:

Writers scroll through their MS and let their cursor fall on random places. Those words or phrases become the new, terrible title for their manuscript. I’m scrolling through my manuscript Of Blood and Promises.

Shall we begin?

1. We Dance Soon

2. Their Blood has Weakened Us

3. I Want to Keep My Mouth Shut

4. Blood Stains Her Skin

5. The Light From Their Flames

6. I Will Never Leave You

7. This Sea of Unknown Depths

8. She Will Never be Mine

Hahahaha! I think maybe the one I chose is best. What do you think? I’m going to tag my CPs Susan Crispell, Jess Fonseca and Courtney Howell.

3 thoughts on “The Terrible Titles Blog Hop

    1. Hahahaha! You are too sweet. “I Will Never Leave You” sounds like a creepy stalker book or a Nicholas Sparks sob fest, maybe. 🙂

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