Ready. Set. Write! #8

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Ready. Set. WRITE! is an online writing intensive to help stay accountable with your writing goals over the summer and provides an opportunity for us to cheer each other on whether planning, drafting, or revising! Your RSW hosts are Alison MillerJaime MorrowErin Funk, and Katy Upperman. Find the rest of the details HERE.

Last Weeks Goals:

1. Revise three chapters

Done, plus I had two write NEW chapters. 

2. Rewrite the scenes in my screenplay and add three more.

Done! and I added probably six more with plans for more and inspiration for more. I have 60 pages on the Screenplay, and I loved it so hard. 

3. Read 100 pages on a manuscript I’m beta reading.

*hides* 50 pages, so halfway. 

A favorite line from my story or one word or phrase that sums up what I wrote or revised:

“I have been patient with you, Aiken,” his voice comes from the darkness. I see the sweep of his pa’u in a thin streak of light. “With your ambitions to join the guard, your lack of interest in what I am about…,”I cannot see his face, only the outline of his shoulder and arm, but he pauses and his whole body stills.

“I have done whatever you asked of me,” I say. We both know that is a lie.

His fist flies out, a moving shadow I cannot dodge. With a crack, his knuckles dig into my ribs and smack the air from my lungs.

Biggest Challenge:

As summer draws to an end, and I prepare to send Sam to school, I also seem to be falling back into the habit of thinking about writing all the time. This is a challenge because for the next couple weeks, I really won’t have much extra time. So, being inspired is actually a bad thing right now.

Something I love about my WiP:

Screenplay: The characters feel like real people, and I feel like I am doing them justice.

This Weeks Goals:

1. Revise three more chapters.

2. Write three more scenes on the screenplay and fill in the scenes I have skipped over.

3. Read


11 thoughts on “Ready. Set. Write! #8

  1. Oh, my, that excerpt. That does so much for Aiken and Talin’s relationship. It will make that one scene later on be even more heartbreaking. Also, I hate him. And yay for writing so much this week! That is wonderful. Keep it up. I want to read all the words soon. 🙂

    1. YAY! Glad you liked it. That is from a new chapter that I wrote. I think we should start uploading stuff again next week, maybe?

  2. Good job on meeting your goals! And I kind of know what you mean about being inspired at the wrong time. Now that I’m not so focused on Laura’s story, I’m being bombarded with ideas for other stories. I have to satisfy my urges to start brainstorming by just jotting down the ideas and leaving them alone. It’s like, whoa brain, chill out for a second!

    Oh man, it’s such a good feeling when your characters feel real, like you know them personally. So happy to hear that’s the case with your screenplay! Good luck with this week’s goals!!

    1. YES! I feel you. The whole SNI thing comes hard, and often when you CANNOT start something new. It’s hard to leave fun ideas alone, or to even leave inspiration for one project alone to work on the other. It’s important to manage your time well though, and to discipline yourself.

      Absolutely best feeling. I recognize myself and others in these characters in a way that is almost blatant. I think thats because of the subject matter of the screenplay, being about fans and fandoms.

  3. Sounds like you’ve been super productive! I love what you said about doing your characters justice — that’s such a fantastic, fulfilling feeling. Best of luck getting through your goals this week, and getting your kiddo ready for school. We’re busy with the same thing here. One more week!

  4. I hear you on just trying to savor those last few weeks before the kids go back to school and trying not to think about writing all the time. My oldest is already at high school practices and activities so that helps the transition, but as much as I’m ready for full-time writing again, I’m not ready for the kids to go back. *sigh*

    ANYWAY – sounds like you’ve been incredibly productive! And I love that you are so happy with your pages! Go you! Hope you have another great week!

  5. Love the tension in that excerpt you shared, especially the description in the last couple lines! You’re doing so well with your goals, which is even more impressive since you’ve got two totally diverse projects on the go at one time. I hope you find the shift to your new fall schedule and mindset goes smoothly. 🙂

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