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AlienStarsWUWWhat’s Up Wednesday is a weekly meme geared toward readers and writers, allowing us to touch base with blog friends and let them know what’s up. Should you wish to join us, you will find the link widget at the bottom of Jaime or Erin’s blog.

What I’m Reading

Oh, not a damn thing. I am the worst right now. Besides beta reading — which I do consider reading! — I just haven’t had time. It’s been a hectic month. Who am I kidding? It’s a hectic life. I am hoping to have some time next week to dedicate to reading. When I do I plan to dive into my ARC of In a Handful of Dust, the companion novel to Mindy McGinnis’ debut Not a Drop to Drink, which was one of my favorite reads last year.

What I’m Writing

I finished the Revision part of the Revise and Resubmit on my manuscript Redhunt last Thursday. I am waiting on feedback from one of my CPs because I would feel antsy about the whole thing without out. I began a lightish revision on my manuscript Of Blood and Promises, which I hope to have completed by the end of the week.

Every time I finish a revision or a draft I think I am going to knock out the screenplay I’ve been working on in the interim…and then something happens with one of my manuscripts that makes that impossible. This is a good problem to have, but the fact remains that I want to finish that screenplay. So, I decided to dedicate ONE hour everyday (sometimes a little more) to the screenplay. I’ve written nine pages since Sunday.

I’ve also done a fair amount of blogging lately. I started a series on my blog called On Writing a Novel and the first three posts have been really fun to write! If you want to check them out, I’m including links below.

Planning and Research

Drafting until it’s Drafted

Revision is not a Four Letter Word

What Inspires Me

Reader feedback and reblogs. Sometimes, no matter how many readers WordPress says come to my blog, it stills feels like I’m writing just for me. That sensation is not a bad one, necessarily. It can facilitate honesty in a way that would otherwise be difficult. Still, it’s always nice to know something you’ve written resonated. Even just to one person.

Dallas Comic Con. I am a fangirl. My participation in fandoms has multiplied exponentially in the last few years. But what makes DCC more inspirational is how being there, even for one day, gave me insight (on a small scale) to the mystery of Comic Cons as a whole. The most interesting part of DCC was watching fans interact with each other in a supportive way.

My favorite moment was when a girl dressed in some anime cosplay I cannot name saw a couple dressed as Ellie and Carl Fredricksen from Pixar’s UP and got so excited she nearly cried. Cosplayers happily pose for pictures with fans, even though cosplayers themselves are just fans. And the whole thing has my mind buzzing with ideas.

What Else I’m Up To

So, Comic Con. These things happened and it was good.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

When Nathan Fillion walked out, maybe 10 feet from me, my knees almost buckled. That guy is seriously handsome, and his appearance was totally unexpected. My brother Isaac (the guy in the picture with Adam Baldwin) is such an adorable fan, that when Adam Baldwin shook his hand, Isaac (who’s 6 foot 7) nearly fainted into my arms. It was one of my favorite moments ever.

What’s up with you guys?

27 thoughts on “What’s Up Wednesday

  1. I think I would faint for Fillion too!

    Just work, work, work. I’m also reading several books at once (couple poetry collections and graphic novels and The Arabian Nights) and trying to finish up writing a poem that I’ve been toying with for over a year. *sigh*

  2. Best of luck with your R&R. Here’s hoping you get some good news soon! Thanks for sharing the links to your new novel writing series… I off to check them out now. Have an awesome week, Rebekah!

    1. Thank you, Katy! Hope you like the posts on writing and find them helpful, or fun. Have a great week too!

    1. Thank you for reading the writing posts, Emma! The con was a blast. I can’t wait to go to another one.

  3. I am amazed and inspired by how you kicked this R&R’s butt, and so quickly, too. You are awesome, Rebekah! Crossing my fingers for you! I’m so envious that you got within swooning distance of Nathan Fillion. He’s so cool. 🙂 (And he hails from only an hour north of here!) That’s too funny about your brother and Adam Baldwin. Love it! One day I would love to get to some kind of Comic Con. Hope you’re having a wonderful week! 🙂

    1. Jaime, I am not awesome, I am compelled. I am a crazy, manic human-being. But thank you, I will take awesome, and more, am glad to inspire you. (You’re awesome too!) Nathan Fillion is pretty fantastic. My mom and I stood just off from his autograph booth leering at him for a solid twenty minutes until my husband made us move on. And yes, Isaac is so funny. He has loved Adam Baldwin for years (Firefly and Chuck are his faves) and meeting his made his LIFE.

  4. I haven’t read Not A Drop to Drink but I’ve heard great things about it. It’s another book I’ll have to pick up some time in the future!

    Congrats on finishing your revision! I hope you manage to finish your screenplay. 🙂

    Comic Con! 😮 I’m so jealous! I haven’t been to a Con in years which is a shame because they’re so much fun – I love seeing how effort cosplayers put into what they do. (And I think I definitely would have fainted at the sight of Nathan Fillion!)

    Have a great week!

    1. You should add Not a Drop to Drink to your TBR. It is a fabulous novel. And thank you for the encouragement!

      Uh, yes, because Nathan Fillion is so dreamy. It was a lot of fun. I am so glad we went.

  5. Comic Con looks like so much fun. I’ve been dreaming of going to San Diego Comic Con for year. I’m glad you had fun. Thanks for sharing. 😀

    1. Me too! I am trying to make it happen next year. It’s a lot, but it’s definitely on my bucket list.

  6. Oh man, I’m so jealous! I would love to go to Comic Con. Especially if I got to meet Nathan Fillion and Adam Baldwin!

    1. It was awesome! I want to go to San Diego Comic Con next year, so this was a great trial run. If you can, you should!

  7. I can’t even express how jealous I am that you met Adam Baldwin and were that close to NATHAN FILLION! You lucky, lucky lady! I’ve never been to any of the Comic Cons, but we’ve talked about making that a family outing one year.

    Boy, you really flew through your R&R! I hope all your hard (and fast) work pays off. Good luck with your screenplay as well. You got so much on the go! 🙂

    1. OH, you should make it a family outing. Someday I will take my son. He is still way too young, and small, for me to take him in a crowd like that. But he loved my pics. (I got some Thor and Ninja Turtles in cosplay!)

      I hope so too. I think the revision is quite a bit stronger, and it addressed the agents notes (which I really agreed with) so that is also good. Or I hope! Thank you!

  8. Thanks for being so patient with me this week. I promise, I am reading RH! I will turn it around asap. (But so far, I like the revisions A LOT!)

    Also, extremely jealous of your Nathan Fillion sighting and your Adam Baldwin photo.

    1. I am filled with anticipation. I realized, while you read RH before, it was before we were official CPs, and I am excited to get your feedback on it now! (And phew because I really like them too!)

      IT was AMAZING! You would have loved it.

  9. Sounds like con was a blast! I’ve always wanted to go to one. 🙂 That’s great news on the screenplay, too, especially working around all those other projects. Best wishes!

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