What’s up Wednesday: Revise

Writing Rambles

RobotWUWWhat’s Up Wednesday is a weekly meme geared toward readers and writers, allowing us to touch base with blog friends and let them know what’s up. Should you wish to join us, you will find the link widget at the bottom of Jaime or Erin’s blog.

What I’m Reading

Still reading my ARC of The Perilous Sea by Sherry Thomas. I’m about 200 pages in and I think I may love it more than The Burning Sky. Plus, look at the pretty cover.



I haven’t had as much time for reading this week because of my writing news.

What I’m Writing

On Monday morning I received a revise and resubmit for my manuscript Redhunt. I was floored, if a little shocked. It’s with an agent I’m really excited to work with, and the notes were things I could see how to revise, and could see how they ultimately would strengthen the manuscript. I had come to a point with this book where I wondered — especially after finishing my new MS — should I move on? No, I hadn’t been querying it all that long, and really I hadn’t even queried all that widely. I had received multiple partial and full requests, but so far none had turned into an offer.

This is exciting not only because it is a fantastic opportunity to work with an agent, but a chance to give this book one more go through, one more reinvigoration, and see what happens. I am willing to do whatever is necessary to tell this story right.

What Inspires Me

The MS I am revising. My main character, Olie, is a hard voice to live with. She pushes at me, she makes me ache, she makes me angry, and she never does as she is told which is incredibly frustrating. I also know her so well that writing her is like breathing. I never question her voice, I just go with it. Being with her again (please, do not commit me, I promise I am sane) is a complicated thing, but a good one.

Having an agent get your book on this level is, easily, the biggest confidence boost ever.

Mumford & Sons, because they are my main soundtrack when working in this manuscript and I am excited to get to listen to them again. While I was writing Of Blood and Promises, I had to ban Mumford & Sons from my playlist. Their music is so synonymous in my head with Redhunt, that it distracted me.

What Else I’m Up To

I added a My Books page to this blog, because I have now written two novels. This felt like a milestone worth marking somehow.

My brother and his wife dedicated their baby at church on Sunday, and so of course they wanted to have a crawfish boil. I had never been to a crawfish boil. It was an experience. I am a little squidgy about shellfish, but I am always determined to experience different cultures than my own with an open mind. I will say, the part of the boil I enjoyed the most wasn’t the tiny, muddy creatures, but the telling of stories around the table.


Happy Wednesday to all!



11 thoughts on “What’s up Wednesday: Revise

  1. Love this 🙂 So, so proud of you! I am glad it is bringing Redhunt back to life for you. I’ve found myself tempted to fall into the same pit of doubt with Ember, but working with Stephanie and starting some new revisions/ideas is really helping. And if you need to be admitted for talking to characters, then I do too 😉 Can’t wait for Friday!

  2. Congrats sis! So happy for the encouragement you’ve received this week!! Watchful for barrels and barrels of continued encouragement coming your way!!! Love you Bek!!!!

  3. First of all, congrats on the R&R! Good for you! I ended up with an R&R on my YA sci-fi I felt like every suggestion the agent made was *exactly* what I wanted for my story, but couldn’t pinpoint before then. So, yeah, awesome news, Rebekah! 😀

    Love the cover of THE PERILOUS SEA. So pretty! Hope you’re having a wonderful week! (I suspect you are already!)

  4. Yay!!! That’s awesome news about the R&R! I’m wishing you tons of luck on this revision–not that you’ll need it, because I’m sure your talent outweighs luck.

    I love Mumford & Sons, but they don’t fit with my WIP at all–not even close–so I only really listen to them during family time. Like you, I get distracted by music that’s a different style than what I’m writing or matches better with a different story.

    You know, I’ve never tried crawfish, and despite the fact that they look kind of like bugs to me, I’ve always wanted to. It’s so fun how they just pile them on the table like that and let everyone have at it.

    Hope you feel inspired this week!

    1. I am twenty-nine. I refuse to acknowledge that I will be thirty in five months. 🙂 How old are you?

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