What’s Up Wednesday: It’s MOO. Mostly.

Writing Rambles

wuwPLANEBORDER2What’s Up Wednesday is a weekly meme geared toward readers and writers, allowing us to touch base with blog friends and let them know what’s up. Should you wish to join us, you will find the link widget at the bottom of Jaime or Erin’s blog.

Which FRIEND said, “It’s a moo point. It’s like a cows opinion.” Which I still think makes all kinds of sense.*

What I’m Reading

Well. Still UnSouled by Neal Shusterman. I have made little progress since last week thanks to the fact that I have ALL THE CRITIQUING to do. I did get to see Neal Shusterman this weekend at YAK (Young Adult Keller) Book Festival, where he gave a brilliant key note (more on that below!) and can’t wait to have more time to finish UnSouled. It’s not exactly light reading, so falling asleep with it swirling around my head isn’t the best idea, which means I need to find another time to read it. I also bought Sapphire Blue by Kerstin Gier, and have been sneaking peaks in my spare time. So pretty.

What I’m Writing

I’ve written about 3,000 words on my WiP since last week. I finally got to a scene I’d been wanting to write, which means I didn’t want to stop until I finished, and so I wore myself out. (But it was worth it!) I also did character sketches for a TV Pilot, and plotted the episode. I’m working on the script with no idea what kind of future it might have. It’s interesting switching between mediums, and voices, and styles. I feel like a sword being sharpened for battle. It’s uncomfortable.

What Inspires Me

YAK Fest took place over the weekend. Unsuprisingly, being surrounded by well-known, debut, and soon-to-debut authors was the very best kind of kick in the pants. I consider myself a motivated person. I take my pursuit of publication seriously, I try to maintain forward motion as much as possible, but still it can be hard to keep it up. Life is distracting — sometimes necessarily so — but a day dedicated to books, to readers, to writing, is a great way to refocus.

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What Else I’m Up To

I did an interview with my friend Susan Bishop Crispell for the release of her Adult Magic Realism novel Love & Cupcakes. Check it out here if you’re interested. We talk fangirling, writing tips, and, of course, cupcakes!

I shared last week about our new puppy, James and the positive effect his presence has had on my son. Sam is also three weeks into his first Karate class and last night he really began to show more focus and less frustration. To quote him, “That was totally awesome!”


Jaime Morrow got the FRIENDS quote last week. It was Chandler Bing. She wins all things.


However, the episode was still undeclared. Ifyourecurious it’s The One with Ross’s Teeth”which, BTW, is a fave.

*Get the FRIENDS quote this week and I’ll send a t-shirt from my short film, Cassie’s Cause, which is  this close to being done!(No cheating!)

33 thoughts on “What’s Up Wednesday: It’s MOO. Mostly.

  1. Awesome post! 🙂 YAK Fest was so much fun. And yay on the words. I’ll admit I’ve been slacking on my WiP, but it’s mainly because I’ve been spending so much time on homework. I have three days to meet my deadline for completion of this draft though. It can be done!

    And it was Joey Tribbiani that said, “It’s a moo point.” Haha! Loved that line from him.

    1. Life does get in the way of writing, I totally understand that. Hopefully you can find time soon —maybe this weekend? —to get some words down.

      Haha! It’s a fabulous line!

  2. Haha… Joey said “Moo point.” My husband and I still use that expression. 🙂 YAK Fest sounds like it was a blast. I wish there were more YA events in my area, but for now I will live vicariously through all of you who get to attend these awesome things. Have a great week, Rebekah!

    1. Hehe! Moo point. My husband and I use it as well. Texas has great YA book festivals, and I think this is due in large part to our amazing librarians. Not that other states don’t have amazing librarians! I have heard tell Texas has some of the best, though, especially for YA. This may be a funding thing, I’m not sure.

  3. I’m always so jealous of all of your YA Festivals! You always have so much fun. And come home with ALL THE BOOKS. I’m also jealous of your word count. I haven’t written in weeks (I know, bad Sus!). Hoping Djerassi will get my butt in gear. And thank you again for my interview. Loved it. ❤

    1. Whoa! You are very bad. Get cracking. Although, I can cut you some slack because we have all the critiquing to do, and then you have your whole BOOK COMING OUT CRAZY. As long as that’s all it is, and not being funkified or stuck. If you’re funkified or stuck, email me!

      The festival was a blast! Texas has the most amazing librarians and a huge YA network of local authors. It’s very inspiring!

  4. I’m going to guess Joey, and I’m also going to start referring to things as MOO points. YAK Fest sounds super fun! I’m impressed that you’re writing across mediums–that’s really cool. Have a great week!

    1. It’s fun to use Moo and see if people notice, catch the reference, or just think you’re dumb.

      It was a blast! I hope to see you at some point at a book fest. I know they bring MG authors to YA festivals occasionally. Are there MG festivals? I haven’t seen any, but that doesn’t mean much.

      Thank you, Rebecca!

  5. YAK Fest sounds fabulous! I always love writing conferences and need to start going to more. I hope you have a great week!

  6. Knew right away that Joey said that…too funny! (And The One With Ross’s Teeth is definitely one of my all-time fave Friends episodes.) All this Friends talk is making me want to binge watch it from beginning to end. Hmm…

    3,000 words! That’s awesome! Those moments, as draining as they can be, are such a rush. YAK Fest sounds great. The only writing-related conference/whatever I’ve been to was SCBWI in NYC last year. I’d love to attend more stuff like this. I could use the opportunity to refocus.

    1. I regularly watch Friends in bed. My husband and I alternate between Friends and Arrested Development as our wind down show. (I also watch Gilmore Girls when feeling particularly down.)

      I love festivals because of the knowledge, but also because I imagine myself answering questions on panels and being hilariously witty. Have a great week brainstorming your shiny new idea.

  7. Sooooo cool! I need to hit up more YA festivals. Love being around writers who are not crazy ass networkers (screenwriters, anyone?) who can just connect and have a good time chatting about writing (not, WILL YOU MAKE MY SCREENPLAY THAT I WROTE TWO YEARS AGO AND AM DESPERATE TO HAVE MADE BECAUSE IT’S THE ONLY THING I’VE EVER WRITTEN AND MY MOM LIKES IT PLEEEEASE). Ahem. Anyway, life IS distracting, but your drive and tenacity are apparent to anyone who even sort of knows you. I think you are doing just fine 🙂 Also, Sam is like, THE cutest kid ever. Happy writing/reading this week, chica!

    1. LOL There are crazy ass networkers at YA festivals too. Pretty much anywhere with industry professionals you will find people trying to make connections. I hate when desperation makes a fool out of someone, though.(LOL. Because Mom is a totally objective opinion!)

      Thank you, Alex! Sam is the cutest ever and you are awesome sauce! Let’s take the world by storm!

  8. When I put SAPPHIRE BLUE and EMERALD GREEN on my Christmas list, I told my husband, “Make sure you get the pretty covers!” He did, so I was pleased.

    That book festival looks awesome. I can see why that would help you refocus. Taking the time to celebrate books is a great reminder of why we put ourselves through all the torture of the writing process. It all has to come back to just loving stories.

    It’s the best feeling when you wear yourself out writing a favorite scene. I hope your writing continues to chug along at a nice pace this week! Oh, and the episode about Ross’s teeth NEVER ceases to be funny. 🙂

    1. I love that Erin. I think getting caught up in the business of getting published can definitely distract from the pure joy of storytelling.

      I hope to get through a few more chapters before I leave for California next weekend!

  9. I’m going to moo now whenever I have an opinion. Then people will look at me like I’m crazy.

    Those scenes are the best to write!! I love it when I love what I’m writing. Sometimes I wish that would happen more often, but…well, you know.

    Love and Cupcakes sounds like something I would like. Thanks for the recommendation…I’ll make a note of it. Have a good week 🙂

    1. I hope you enjoy Love and Cupcakes! It’s a fun, easy read with some wonderful characters and some well-handled heavier moments.

  10. Great job on the word count! And believe it or not, I’ve only seen a few episodes of Friends so I stink at getting the references. Lol And YAK Fest sounded amazing, I am still very, very jealous.

    1. Friends has a very nostalgic place in my heart. I don’t know that it’s the type of show you can just watch without that, especially since it can feel a little dated now. But I do still love it!

      YAK Fest was a blast!

  11. 3000 words! That’s so great, congratulations 🙂
    YAK Fest sounds awesome. I love going to author talks. Do I see Heather Reid in that picture? She’s so sweet.

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