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WUWRocketWhat’s Up Wednesday is a weekly meme geared toward readers and writers, allowing us to touch base with blog friends and let them know what’s up. Should you wish to join us, you will find the link widget at the bottom of Jaime’s blog.

What I’m Reading

I finished reading Not a Drop to Drink by Mindy McGinnis on the airplane home from Montana. I was really impressed with the emotional response this book was able to elicit, especially considering that Lynn, the narrator, is emotionally closed off. The book is about survival, and how people can become isolated in the quest to stay alive when faced with extreme circumstances. It is also about what happens when forced to connect. I recommend this book because of the unique narrator and the total dedication Mindy McGinnis has to telling her story honestly.

Now I’m reading The Infinite Moment of Us by Lauren Myracle. I definitely have mixed feelings about this book, but I also can’t seem to put it down.

What I’m Writing

As a NaNoWriMo participant I am writing one thing and one thing only: my WiP. I have hit the second week. The slump week. The week where I am bribing myself with whatever means I have at my disposal to get the words out. Right now it is Doctor Who episodes and caramels from my CP Susan Crispell. I only have one caramel left. This does not bode well. I have written 8,224 words since last wednesday, so…the bribes seem to be working.

Also, this picture:


What Inspires Me

The land, the Blackfeet Nation, and knowing I was in the right place at the right time. The time I spent in Montana was brief, but I am still thinking about how unique and valuable that experience was.

Montana Sky

This article on The Rise of Young Adult Literature (As seen through Austin Teen Book Fest) by Jennifer Mathieu featured in The Texas Observer. I met Jennifer at Austin Teen Book Fest, and she was a pleasure to chat with. The article is fabulous, plus Jennifer used a quote from me! (!!!!!!!!) Jennifer’s debut YA novel The Truth About Alice hits shelves next year!

What Else I’m Up To

Taking walks around my neighborhood with my husband and son. The weather has turned chilly, but crisp and bright and beautiful. Our neighborhood is set on a bluff covered in oaks. The leaves on some of the trees have begun to change and fall, changing the face of the trees and the way I see them.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Planning for Thanksgiving. My husband and I are hosting this year. The tally of family that will be attending keeps rising, and with it so does my anxiety. I’m pushing past it.

So…What’s up with all of you?

23 thoughts on “What’s Up Wednesday

  1. Doctor Who episodes as rewards sounds like a great idea! Glad to hear the bribes are working. I’m just about keeping on top of mine (though I’m cheating and including the words added to the WIP I’m editing in my total NaNo word count!).

  2. So glad you enjoyed your time in Montana. That’s one state I’ve yet to visit, but I’ve heard it’s absolutely beautiful. Best of luck with your NaNo project. It’s been fun working “with” you via Twitter. 🙂

    1. Love the Twitter check-ins. They help so much with my accountability. I’m glad to see the revisions are going well for you too.

  3. I am so proud of all of you kicking NaNo’s butt. I hope one day to do the same. (I’ve participated twice but kind of tanked both times.) I think incentives are a great way to get the words down. That Nick Miller poster is pretty darn funny, too. I’ve been to Montana and it really is beautiful! Have a great week, Rebekah!

    1. I am very susceptible to incentives and the pressure of not wanting to fail. I don’t like the idea of not accomplishing what I set out to, though I am known to occasionally alter my goals in order to achieve them. (Not for NaNo, because the goal isn’t moveable.)
      Nick Miller is the best. That episode is one of my favorites.

    1. Yay! Feel free to look at the picture all you want. 🙂 The second week is universally challenging. Just keep swimming!

    1. Thank you Jenn, They are handsome boys.

      I finished Infinite Moment. I’ll be interested to hear what your thoughts are. Mine are conflicted.

  4. Bribes are the only way to go. Looks like Court’s NaNo motivation will be here this weekend, then on to Sam’s to get us through week 3. Then you and Jess will get us through the end of the month. But Who is always a good choice too. Also, stop and look at the word counts for the few weeks leading up to NaNo. You have blown those out of the water. That kicks ass. Plus, it means I’m closer to getting to reading the whole thing! 🙂

    1. Bribes bribes bribes! I am so excited for more incentives arriving at the end of the week. I JUST finished my caramels. I mourned. The Doctor will just have to get me through it. And thanks for the word count pointing outery. Yay! I will barrel toward the end and then you can help me make sense of it. 🙂

  5. So, I didn’t read the entire article, but I did read your quote and I just wanted to scream a big AMEN! How awesome for you, btw! Also, your NANO progress is inspiring. Keep at it! You can do it!

    1. Oh, that’s very cool! I did really enjoy it, so I hope you do too. My NaNo goal is to have 20,000 words before Saturday evening because I’m going to a write in. This feels TOTALLY doable. Thank Ron, and have an awesome week!

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