Conversations with my Husband



Me trying to justify my ridiculous crush on Jon Snow to my husband:

ME: So, I told them that my crush on Jon Snow was made exponentially more intense because he reminds me of you. (smiles unconvincingly) I mean, if there was ever a character that was like you, it would for real be Jon Snow.

HUSBAND: (eyeing me suspiciously) If I’m Jon Snow, are you Ygritte?

ME:(being thoughtful) Erm…not likely. I don’t fancy myself North of the Wall. I’m Dany.

(He laughs outright.)

ME: (scoffing in offense) Hear me out. She’s got a strong sense of justice, but not necessarily right and wrong. Totally me. She’ll do whatever is necessary to get where she needs to go. (Points to self) And…

HUSBAND: She’s got a dragon.

ME: (eyes widen) She’s got a dragon. (Pauses, thinks about Dragon babies) Plus, she’s hot.

(Husband questions, not for the first time in our marriage, why he puts up with me.)

4 thoughts on “Conversations with my Husband

  1. We really need to make family vacation plans one day, ’cause the four of us (plus Sam!) would have epic conversations like this. Also, my husband has a theory about Jon and Dany being meant for each other, so your conversation totally works.

    1. Oh gosh, that’s sounds awesome! Ok, so I want to hear your husband’s theories because I have theories on this topic as well, plus I would totally ship Jon Snow & Dany.

      1. His theory involves Jon being the bastard of Lyanna and Rhaegar, and since Targaryens like to inbreed, Jon and Dany would probably end up together. And you know, she’s fire and he’s ice, so…

      2. I told my husband about this and he agreed, and there is a lot of proof to support this is the series.

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