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WUWAutumnWhat’s Up Wednesday is a weekly meme geared toward readers and writers, allowing us to touch base with blog friends and let them know what’s up. Should you wish to join us, you will find the link widget at the bottom of Jaime’s blog. And in honor of What’s Up Wednesday for the fall, Jaime made some beautiful new buttons. I’ll feature them all over the next few weeks.

(I particularly love this WUW button because fall. Come to here to me, fall.)

What I’m Reading

Nothing new here I’m afraid. Still reading A Game of Thrones, still love it to pieces, though feeling a bit more pressured after Austin Teen Book Fest, where I bought all the books and now they eye me sideways from my bedside table. (More on that in a bit.) I think I’m holding my ground though. I’ve sorted the books into two unmanageable piles that could topple over at any minute, and in no way does that bother me.

What I’m Writing

I had a slow writing week. I eeked out maybe 1000 words before the weekend, then nothing at all over the weekend, (again, more later) then was incoherent much of Monday due to a coffee shortage in my household and my inability to function without caffein as well as my brain frying weekend. However, things picked up Tuesday evening, and I wrote another 800 words on my WiP. Yay words! I love you.

However, being around all those productive, published and pretty writers was just the kick in the pants needed to assure me, yes, in fact, I do want to do this thing and will. So…my coming week will be infused with great inspiration.

What Inspires Me

The Book Fest was inspiring, but possibly more inspiring was the time spent with my sisters-in-law. As someone who grew up in a house full of boys — my five brothers and their filthy friends — I am not always the best at girlfriend stuff. Don’t get me wrong, most of my closest friends are females. I’m not one of those girls who just hung out with guys. No, no, the opposite, I got enough of that nonsense at home. But sisters are different. And these two beautiful women (as well as my other sisters-in-law, who also kick ass) are talent-filled, fun-loving, smart, genuine joys to share my time with. They inspire me to be more ambitious, more understanding, more empathetic; lessons it’s hard to place value on.

The picture of elegance.

The picture of elegance.

The toast at dinner,”To sisters, nerdiness, books–Doctor Who and Jon Snow! Jon Snow!” Kindreds.

What Else I’m Up To

I went on a trip this weekend. Maybe I’ve mentioned it. Down in Austin there was a little book festival where all the awesome authors and all the fantastic books overloaded my senses. I wrote a blog post about it yesterday, which you can check out here if you’re curious. It was a wonderful day. I am so thankful for this and other amazing festivals like it that bring booksellers, authors, and readers together as one.

We had our first day of filming for Cassie’s Cause Sunday afternoon. I was fried from Saturday, but pulled it together long enough to film, and it was worth it. The shoot went fabulously. For an inside look, and pics, check out the Cassie’s Cause blog.

I missed my kiddo this weekend, so I intend to spend some quality time with him, library-ing and ninja turtle-ing, and hugging him as often as he’ll let me.

Happy Wednesday! What’s up with you?

18 thoughts on “What’s Up Wednesday

  1. Austin Teen Book Fest sounds fantastic! It looks like you ladies had a great time, so that’s wonderful. I had to laugh at the five brothers and their filthy friends bit. Too funny! I hung out a lot with my brother and our mutual (guy) friends when I was younger, but now I’m closer to my sister and that is wonderful. I feel like every girl needs a good girlfriend (or two). I think you’ve nailed on the head why I’m hesitant to dive into GAME OF THRONES: the side-eye all of my other TBR books will be throwing my way. Too many books to read and a big, fat books like George R. R. Martin’s seem daunting. Though, Jon Snow… (Love the toast, BTW.) Have a great week, Rebekah! 🙂

    1. To be fair, I didn’t read at all this weekend, so I am behind. I did however have the book with me, because I thought I might sneak in a few pages, but alas I only managed to *think* about Jon Snow.

      I was pals with my brothers friends, and had guy friends too, but with that many boys in my life, girls have always been super important. I’m glad you’re close with your sis now, it IS wonderful!

  2. Oh, I MUST check out your teen book fest post! Sounds like you had a wonderful time! And yes – the writing community is awesome for a swift kick in the writing butt. I NEED that! Also, 1800 words are better than 0 words! Good for you!!!

    Have a great week!

    1. Oh, thanks Allison! It was a good time and it was very inspirational. Clearly, I love all the authors and all their books.

  3. Actual published writers are very inspiring, aren’t they? It’s like “Oooh, me too! ME TOO! I WANNA BE PUBLISHED! TO THE LAPTOP!!!!!!”


    Have a fantastic week.

  4. Haha! “To nerdiness and Jon Snow! Jon Snow!” 🙂 That made me laugh. I have a Jon Snow bookmark that I use a lot…

    As a kid, I always wanted a sister, so I can relate. :/ Currently I attend an all-female college, so I guess I got what I wanted eventually!

    1. I have scandalous texting conversations with my sister-in-law about Jon Snow, but I need to get me one of these Jon Snow bookmarks you speak of.

      LOL, I am not sure an all-femal college is the same, but it’s definitely a lot of women having their cycle at one time. So, having sisters on a grand and gruesome scale!

  5. A slow week is definitely better than no writing at all, I think. 🙂 And I’m so envious of the fun you had at the Book Festival — sounds amazing! Happy writing this week, Rebekah. I should be around on Twitter if you want company. 🙂

  6. Your weekend away sounds wonderful, and I’m so envious of that incredible book haul! I wish we had amazing book festivals and author signings here, but alas I live in the middle of nowhere. I’m glad you feel inspired after the festival and I hope you can coast on that inspiration for a nice, long while! Have fun library-ing and ninja turtle-ing with your son! 🙂

    1. My weekend was wonderful, exhausting, and very much worthwhile. I am glad to report that the inspiration is so far holding. The kiddo has been a cuddle bug, which is ok by me. You have a great week too, Erin!

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