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WUWRocketWhat’s Up Wednesday is a weekly meme geared toward readers and writers, allowing us to touch base with blog friends and let them know what’s up. Should you wish to join us, you will find the link widget at the bottom of Jaime’s blog. And in honor of What’s Up Wednesday for the fall, Jaime made some beautiful new buttons. I’ll feature them all over the next few weeks.

What I’m Reading

After I finished Crown of Midnight, I was hesitant to jump right into another book. For the next books sake. So, I waited a few days, in which time Crown of Midnight and The Bitter Kingdom both hit the New York Times Bestsellers list! This makes me happy as both a reader of YA fantasy, and a writer of it. I decided to pick up a book by trailblazer for females writing in Fantasy – both YA and Adult — Robin McKinley. I have already read a handful of her books, but had been putting off the book that started it her career. Beauty is a retelling of Beauty and the Beast, and the writing is…well…beautiful. Robin McKinley tells stories with meandering, dreamy narration, the kind many of us wish we could execute with even half the grace she manages to. It was the perfect book to follow up Crown of Midnight and celebrate two wonderful YA fantasy novels hitting the bestsellers list!

What I’m Writing

A lot. I’ve worked on the sequel to my novel (still querying…with some nice developments) and my WiP, alternating, this week. I’ll have a few days with one story screaming for attention, and then it quiets, and the other takes over. It has gotten very noisy in my brain, but the company of my characters is always welcome. I spent a good deal of time writing a brief history of the world my WiP is set in, and figuring out some major world-building questions. This resulted in the realization that I am now working on a much larger project than I meant to when I set out to write this novel. Which leads to…

I really had hoped my second project would be a) not fantasy b) not a series c) not complicated. Why? REDHUNT, my novel in query phase, is all of the above. I have failed my own goals miserably in my WiP because it is solidly all three, and I am hopeless to ever write anything that isn’t.

What Inspires Me

My Hawaiian Mama. I have mentioned my brother married a dazzling Hawaiian beauty. This last weekend some of her family visited, and I got to spend time with her Mama. Christine talked stories with me about the Hawaiian islands, helping me gain some perspective on the research I had already done, giving me more research to do, and enchanting me with knowledge only a true Kumu could. Here is a video from my time in Hawaii which features my new sis, her mother, and her younger sister. To train their voices, Hawaiian women stand beside the ocean, aiming to be heard above the roar of the waves.


On September 11th, hold near the ones you love and remember that time waits for no one. We are here and then gone. Be thankful for now.

Pilot Point, TX. Yesterday the director of our film, Cassie’s Cause, and I met with some local talent in Pilot Point to discuss filming a scene from our movie on the square. I’ll be doing a post about this on the film blog, but the characters and setting have already inspired more ideas in my mind than I can number.

What Else I’m Up To

I spent most of my day cleaning and reorganizing Sam’s bedroom yesterday. I had been meaning to get to it before his birthday. Then I meant to get to it once birthday presents destroyed all semblance of organization. Then I crossed over into full on neglect once we got another piece of furniture for the room. I finally got the courage to tackle it (my OCD makes these kinds of projects really daunting), just in time for my aunt to bring him a fabulous new chair.

"Reading" in his Batman chair.

“Reading” in his Batman chair.

Have a wonder-filled Wednesday! And I’d love to hear…what’s up with you?

12 thoughts on “What’s Up Wednesday

  1. This post just reminded me that CROWN OF MIDNIGHT is on its way here! All of the squeals! Don’t know how I forgot about that. You know, I have never read any Robin McKinley, but I really thing I should. I actually have BEAUTY sitting on the shelf right behind me, so I have no excuse.

    I can completely understand how you end up writing fantasy trilogies. These worlds that you have to create for fantasy lend themselves to much bigger stories. I think of people like Tamora Pierce who have written several duets/trilogies/quartets set in the same world even because there is just so much to write about there. Still, I personally get the appeal of working on a standalone. (My first WIP was intended to be part of a sci-fi trilogy. So much work!) From the sounds of it, your world is nicely fleshed out, which is a big part of the battle!

    Have a great week, Rebekah!

  2. So cool about the writing progress, Rebekah! And I liked your cryptic “querying… with some nice developments.” I know you don’t want to share details (I wouldn’t either), but it’s a good reminder that querying isn’t always a mess of rejection and despair. 🙂

    Oh, and I want a chair like that. It looks so comfortable. You think Sam would be willing to share? 😉

    Have a great writing week!

  3. The singing in that video is so gorgeous, thanks for sharing it. It sounds like you all had a great visit.

    Glad the writing and querying is going well 🙂

    I’ve never read any Robin Mckinley I really should fix that.

    Have a great week.

  4. Crown of Midnight is awesome! I’ll have to check out those other books, too. Sounds like your writing’s going well! Everything I write always ends up being fantasy and part of a series, too – I seem incapable of writing anything else, even if all my books are completely different! Best of luck querying! 🙂

  5. I want to read THE BITTER KINGDOM but first must read THE CROWN OF EMBER. I loved the first book.

    Sounds like you’re making wonderful progress on your writing. I’ll be starting back revisions and hope to be done later this year.

    I need a Hawaiian Mama. 🙂

  6. I love that chair!!!

    And I don’t see anything wrong with your current WiP falling into the same category as your other story – I just think you’ve found your niche. My stories all tend to be contemporary with magic. I just can’t seem to write anything else. And I’m totally okay with that. (watch – my next WiP will be a dystopian :))

    And good luck with querying! I’ll keep our fingers crossed for the both of us!

  7. I read BEAUTY a number of years ago and loved it. You’ve reminded me that someday I really need to reread it. My copy of CROWN OF MIDNIGHT arrived in the mail yesterday, at which point I did a happy dance. I think I’m going to have to dive into that one next!

    I had to chuckle at your conclusions that your current WIP is destined to be both a series and complicated. When I started working on the ms I’m querying, I told myself it would be a standalone. Uh no. I’m fairly certain now I’m not capable of being that succinct. So hey, you’re in good company! I’m glad to hear there have been some nice developments with your querying process. Crossing my fingers for you!

    I loved the video (what gorgeous voices they have!) and that pic of your son reading in his new chair is just the sweetest thing ever! 🙂

    1. Dive in and enjoy. I envy you a bit that you will be reading it for the first time.

      Yes, why do we do this to ourselves, Erin? Also, the querying process is just that…a process. I feel I am on an ever narrowing path towards my destiny.

      I am so glad you liked the video. The younger girl was not pleased I recorded her, but it was too gorgeous.

      My son moves his chair around the house now to chill wherever he me end up.

  8. Beauty is one of my favorite books ever. I have read several of her books and I can’t wait for the new one she has coming out. She is one of the main writers that inspired me to write in the first place 🙂
    My first book is morphing into a quartet and it is a fantasy so I understand projects turning out larger than planned. I want to write a stand a lone, light hearted book next but yeah, I really don’t know if that’s what is going to happen or not.

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