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whats up wednesdayWhat’s Up Wednesday is a weekly meme geared toward readers and writers, allowing us to touch base with blog friends and let them know what’s up. Should you wish to join us, you will find the link widget at the bottom Jaime’s post. We really hope you will take part!

What I’m Reading

I will admit — honestly and openly and with no shame — that I put Legend down for the moment. I am hoping it has to more to do with me than the book. Maybe I just don’t want to read that kind of story in that kind of world right now. I intend to pick it back up in the future and try again because I can’t NOT finish. Instead, I am reading The Scorpio Races by Maggie Stiefvater. I think I’ve said this before, and to everyone in my life, but Maggie’s writing is some of my favorite. Everything she writes is so alive and pulsing. The Scorpio Races is much different than her other books, but in no way is it less vibrant. Plus, she writes guys better than any chick out there. I am still beta reading, and am still so impressed and loving it. Hope to have notes for her by the end of the weekend.

What I’m Writing

Other than blogging, and some stuff for a class (which I will elaborate on below) I am not writing anything. That should not be taken as saying I am not writing. My brain is whirling again, and mostly, it’s about the sequel to the book that’s out with agents. I am trying to keep the ideas in order until I actually can start on the sequel. In the meantime, I am doing a lot of pre-plotting and hopefully next week I will begin working on an idea I have had that is totally different (genre, world, kind of story) than the book I spent the last nineteen months writing and revising.

What Inspires Me Right Now

Readers. I recently spent time chatting with a teenage girl who gets excited about reading. I have had beta readers come back to me in a panic after finishing my book because the sequel isn’t written yet. This may be contributing to my growing urge to begin work on the second book. Readers make us want to write more.

This article featuring snippets of Veronica Roth’s speech at BEA. She shared her own experience of stifling the excitement over the new Harry Potter (whichever came out while she was still in high school) due to the ennui of her boyfriend at the time. She later learned to be true to the reader inside, and clearly that has translated into being a phenomenally accessible writer. I think what she has done with Divergent is so impressive, not only because she is a first time author, but because she is a clever business woman.

The Fruit produced by a good book. Because when that teen’s (Who was at our house with her parents so I’m not just a creeper hanging out with a teenager, guys.) face lit up at the sight of The Hunger Games trilogy sitting in esteem on the top bookshelf, she couldn’t hide what it had done in her. And when she started asking questions about other YA books on my shelf, my gushing was so not cool but totally awesome still.

What Else I’m Up To

I am teaching a writing and acting workshop for teens. It’s a six week course in which they will write four 5-minute episodes of a web-series, cast the episodes they write, and film them to be shown on the web. My job is to impart my storytelling and character development wisdom while also inspiring them to tell their own story. One of the kids in the group is my working actor nephew, Ben J. Pierce, who is crazy talented. I’m pumped to be working with this group. No doubt next week I’ll be writing about them in the “What Inspires Me” section.

Happy Wednesday everyone!


14 thoughts on “What’s Up Wednesday

    1. Today was the first class and it was a blast. The teens were pretty into it, and they’re a good group, so I think we’re going to produce something pretty clever.

  1. Talking to teens about books is one of the coolest thing ever. I’m always so excited when a kid runs into class all excited because they started a book I recommended to them and they love it so far.

    Have fun teaching this summer!

    1. Oh my gosh, I know! When a kid tells me they don’t like to read, I’m like, “Woah! You chose the wrong person to tell that to.” And then I give them a book.

  2. I really need to get off my duff and read THE SCORPIO RACES already. It’s been on my TBR list forever. And I totally agree that the idea phase is actual writing. I tend to mull things over a lot before they ever hit the page and I see that as an indispensable part of my process. That’s great that you’re diving into writing a sequel soon. I’m doing the same right now. Good luck with your story planning and your writing/acting workshop!

    1. Erin, I took a long time to read it also — so, don’t beat yourself up! For some reason, I kept putting it off. Man, I just finished it this morning and am so happy I decided to read it. It was a departure from other’s by Maggie Stiefvater, but it was so rich and wonderful. Thanks for the story planning encouragement!

  3. Total agreement of THE SCORPIO RACES love. One of my favorite books, and the voices of Puck and Sean are perfect.
    The workshop sounds like a lot of time and commitment…but totally worth it. I’m looking forward to hearing how it went!

    1. Love Puck and Sean for so many wonderful reasons. Such a great story, and a nice, slow-building romance founded on a mutual admiration and respect. The workshop is a little bit of a commitment, but a fun one!

    1. Tracey — yes!— I was obsessed with The Raven Boys. I’ve yet to read a book by her that I don’t devour.

    1. Rebeccah,

      What fun! A teen writing group is something I wish I had when I was a mi-directed adolescent. I think teens have a lot of promise in the creative, and it’s a matter of drawing it out and proving it’s cool.

  4. Good luck on having your story with agents! I hope they love it, and you get to dive into your sequel. 🙂 I need to read THE SCORPI RACES. THE RAVEN BOYS is the only one of her books I’ve read, but I’ve read it twice I liked it so much. Have a good week!

    1. Liz,
      Thank you for the kind words and encouragement. I hope they do too! The Raven Boys, again, I swoon. Love it. I started with the Shiver Trilogy (though I think it’s actually called “The Wolves of Mercy Falls”, but I’m lazy) and became a sudden and intense fan.

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