HouseIn a few short hours this will be our house.

Whatever it may seem, I am not bragging. Although, I will be honest. It’s a freakin’ cool house. The third story will be my office hideaway. I anticipate many works of great fiction — or teenage angst ridden fantasy more like — to be written in that room. The wrap around porch provides the perfect vantage point to watch my son play in the woods. From our front windows we will gaze at the glowing sky, dream big dreams, and drink massive cups of coffee. The home sits high on a hill, the ideal location to mow down zombies should the apocalypse be upon us. We will need to install bulletproof window coverings to keep them from walking right into the living room, in the event of an attack, however. There are trees to escape to when the world is too much for me. For Sam. For Nathan.

Life is unpredictable. It’s full of WTF moments. It’s built of tacked together hopes and bandaged dreams. Nothing is perfect. Nothing is blissful. Life is mostly a lot of trying something and hoping you tried the right something instead of the other something you could have done instead.

When you are like me, you believe you are covered. The umbrella keeping the rain out, keeps the faith intact as well. We have weathered a few storms the past couple of years. (Literally. Storms. Two hurricanes, a couple blizzards, and a tornado.) Storms that tried to make us hide inside. That wanted to cut us off from resources we should have. That planned to wipe us out entirely.

Now, here we are in Texas again, and the moment to close is near. We didn’t always think this was the best route. We have wondered if this move was beyond our abilities or our comforts. If it was wise.

We wondered the same thing about moving to New York.

I tend to be a bit of a steamroller. I wish I could say that this color on me is one I hate, but that would be a lie. It suits me. It makes waiters quiver and the faint of heart cringe. In these situations, you will more commonly see be barreling toward my goal with little regard for what gets smashed on the way.

For this move, certain circumstances were at play that made my normal way of dealing with change impossible. A close family member was in the hospital. My son had a sinus infection, and is three, so change for him looks like a four-letter word. There were issues with the underwriter on our loan. (A person I have now likened, on multiple occasions, to Professor Delores Umbridge in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.)


I did my best to approach people first with kindness. I used my words, as I always tell my son. I remembered the old saying, “You catch more flies with honey.” And at each sharp turn, my resolve was worn away. Chipped away. Chiseled. By the end I felt a little psychotic. See below visual aide.


So, yeah, it got a little hairy. This is the way of things sometimes. But we persevered. And even thought steamrolling wasn’t the logical approach, I managed. It’s not always easy to see meaning in our hardship. Or to handle our setbacks with grace. At the end of the day, the best you can expect is often, just getting out by the skin of your teeth.

Don’t be discouraged by it. Eventually, it will be over, and you will hold shiny new keys in your hands. (Insert a visual of whatever you struggle with here.) Then you will be about the business of basking. Don’t get hung up on the details. The devil is in those.

* For those of you who follow me on Facebook, we were supposed to close yesterday but were delayed, hence my status indicating we were closing. It’s all good though.

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