This blog is about Writing (Or whatever I want, cause it’s mine.)

Writing Rambles

You may think my name is a pretty lame title, but consider that this blog will hopefully carry over into my splash as a published author, and then it may make more sense. Most of what you will read here will be about the process, which can be daunting, of getting a novel published. Though, there is no guarantee that I will not write about my son, Sam.

Or my dog, Samson.

But mostly I believe it will be about writing. Writing bleeds into everything I do, filling my world with ideas and voices I sometimes wish I could silence. One of these voices became the heroine of my first novel, and others sometimes find there way into the cracks and crannies of the narrative I’m trying to construct. Sometimes I have chats with them, which prompts my son to ask me who I’m talking to, and sometimes I just let them stew inside. I marinate them.

So, if you are a writer, or a reader, or a person who thinks children, yorkies, and Brooklyn, NY are interesting, then you may find this blog a welcome distraction. It may also be a useful tool to draw from, or a source of amusement. (If you think someone rambling on about YA romances or the crazy shit her son says is humorous.)Whatever it becomes, I hope we can learn from it together, or laugh at it together, or triumph in it together.

Alright, that said, I really must get back to work, and you probably should too since I’m posting this in the afternoon on a Monday. Enjoy your day, wherever you are, and remember to look around you. Inspiration is literally everywhere.

4 thoughts on “This blog is about Writing (Or whatever I want, cause it’s mine.)

  1. I am so excited about your new blog, it is funny because I started following you because I love your writing. Since I am looking to unlock the writer buried under years of kids and dogs, the new journey sounds wonderful.

  2. Hi Rebekah…when I saw the title “Goodbye” on your Of Course New York blog, I new immediately you were done with that part of your life, and that part of your writing. I wish you the very best in this new season of your life!

    All the best,


  3. What a delight it is to read your blogs. While I am twice your age I truly can say I coonect with your words. I too have a yorie named Samson. We have been breeding teacup Yorkies for twenty years. We are writing a book about our litters and the little miracles that happened with each critter. DOG Depend On GodWe have three Yorkies Grace, Mercy and Samson. Our sons name was Samuel. We live not to far away. We live in Bethlehem, PA. We have visied Denton a few times and see your dad every time he comes to the east coast. We just saw him last week in Tucson and he told us PA was a hot spot woohoo. We are awaiting an email form Anne Tate to see what she has to report to us on the Moravians. I have lived here in Bethlehem 56 years and I love this Goshen city. Blessings and keep writing The joy of the Lord is in it!!!

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